One Trekker too Many

First it started with Suleman Hashimu, who claimed to have trekked from Lagos to Abuja to mark General Muhammadu Buhari’s electoral victory earlier in March. Then a series of trekkers have followed suit. Recently, i heard about the Woman – Mrs Alice Daniel with a 40-day old baby who has decided to trek to Abuja from Minna. And then, the twitter #trek4GEJ guy – Oladele Nihi – who decided to trek from Abuja to Bayelsa. Currently, we have at least 7 (that i have read about) citizens trekking from one location to the other either in Honour of General Buhari or in honour of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan or as one of the lady trekker put it, she is trekking to honour both of them.

The series of trekking events have once again proved how Nigerians are unique in thier thought patterns/processes. For those of us who don’t understand, let me use a simple example.
I like Mr. A, he is someone who i respect and i see him as someone who i would like to honour due to his “numerous achievements” in life. What do i do? I decide to get up from my chair and start walking for over 500km. Now you may ask, what does honouring a fellow has to do with trekking unreasonable distances, i really hope Mr. Suleman and others would provide us answers to that.

But for the sake of argument, lets say trekking that long distance is a reasonable thing to do, What do you hope to acheive after putting so much effort and strength into such a hilly task?
Carrying out such a task should be geared towards improving your life or the lives of people around you, so such a task counts as something worthwhile in the future. But what has our trekkers acheived so far? Attention from a few followers on Social Media. Attention that would die in a matter of weeks as no one gets food on the table from giving other people attention.

The Arab spring started as a result of a man who set himself on fire (Read about him here). While we might not remember the name of this man (which by the way is Mohamed Bouazizi), what he did resulted into a revolution which changed the lives of people thereafter. That is a cause that counts!
Our trekkers should realize that we have too many problems that needs their energy to walk against in this nation. We need our trekkers to walk against the corruption in the land, we need our trekkers to walk for charity to raise money for the less privileged, we need our trekkers to walk against the high price of goods and services that is making Nigerians groan in their homes. We don’t need trekkers to walk the length and breadth of the nation just to take selfies, shake hands and sweep floors.

While i have no power to stop anymore trekkers, i would hope if any reader of this has any “wanna-be trekker” around him/her, he should call the fellow to caution and ask him to keep his shoes on standby, for as a nation, we would still do a lot more trekking to get to our promise land.