How to determine a webpage font using FOUNT

As a designer or a lover of art or just someone who likes to know stuffs, I’m sure you must have gotten into a situation where you see a font on a website which you really like and might want to use for your works at a later date or you are just curious what the name is and you can’t seem to figure it out off the bat. A great tool I use in cases like this is called “Fount”. Actually, it’s a bookmarklet, but I’d prefer to call it a tool.
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Unit Testing in PHP – The easy way

In one sentence, Unit testing is the process of testing small chunks of your code units as you write them. This is quite useful to be confident in your own unit of code before you integrate them into the whole system. With each part of your code being tested, you are sure each part can stand on their own and serve its purpose. To demonstrate unit testing in PHP, we would be using the latest version of the unit testing framework PHPUnit which was developed by Sebastian Bergmann Continue Reading »

How to consume RSS Feeds in PHP using SimplePie

I recently had to consume different feeds and display their contents on a webpage which led me to finding the open source library “Simple-Pie” which was developed by Ryan Parman. Writing from a scratch, codes to consume and parse the feeds amounts to a waste of time (clients are always on your neck to deliver on time), quite tedious (yes, I am lazy) and for Pascal’s sake, why should I reinvent the wheel?

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Parsing HTML Document in .Net using HTML Agility Pack -C#

After downloading HTML document from a URL, i’m guessing you would want to make sense of it or you may want to use the actual contents or nested text and don’t want to mess with the tags. Personally, when parsing HTML document in .Net, i ll recommend the HTML Agility Pack. Continue Reading »