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Plot a Graph in C# using ZedGraph

In today’s tutorial, I would like to show you how to plot a graph in Windows Form (C#) using the ZedGraph Library.
One of the many reasons why i like the ZedGraph is because of its support for .Net 2.0. With Support for .Net 2.0, you are sure your graph app would work on virtually any PC running Windows XP or Later. Also, as you would see in this tutorial, the ZedGraph library is really simple and fast to work with.
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Unit Testing in PHP – The easy way

In one sentence, Unit testing is the process of testing small chunks of your code units as you write them. This is quite useful to be confident in your own unit of code before you integrate them into the whole system. With each part of your code being tested, you are sure each part can stand on their own and serve its purpose. To demonstrate unit testing in PHP, we would be using the latest version of the unit testing framework PHPUnit which was developed by Sebastian Bergmann Continue Reading »