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Workflow Engines: Why use them

Basically, as a programmer when you are presented with a certain tasks, you have about a 100 ways to accomplish them. The path you take to solving the problem depends on so many factors. One i think is quite obvious is your experience with certain tools. In a programmers “toolbox”, one tool that shouldn’t be missing is a Workflow Engine.

What is a Workflow Engine?
Simply put, a workflow engine is an app that helps define a workflow process, the constraining rules guiding the decisions in the process flow and the information to be passed along in the process timeline.
Lets take a Cash withdrawal (from the teller machine) process as a typical example. The process can be defined into the following steps:
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Number to Words Converter – JAR File – Java

Something useful i think i would share.
The code was originally written by http://www.rgagnon.com/. I made some minute modifications to fit into the Jar mode
You might need to convert Figures to Words, lets say: 365, which converts to “Three Hundred and Sixty Five”. It can go as far as you want it to.
Here’s the JAR file to download: JAR File
Source File

Sample Usage
The convert method is static, so need to instantiate the class. It takes a long data type as its only argument.

int value = 7899;
String valueInString = NumberToWordsConverter.convert((long)value));

Have fun! No point wasting precious time writing lines of codes like this.. whatcha say?!