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How to become a danfo driver in Lagos

Danfo. Source: www.romancemeetslife.com

Danfo Bus

In the city of Lagos, you can’t help but notice the men that drive the yellow and black buses. As we all know, they are the famous “Danfo Drivers”.. Here’s a quick guide on how to become one of them.. for those of us considering a career switch :D. First things first, you need a bus.. and then..
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One Trekker too Many

First it started with Suleman Hashimu, who claimed to have trekked from Lagos to Abuja to mark General Muhammadu Buhari’s electoral victory earlier in March. Then a series of trekkers have followed suit. Recently, i heard about the Woman РMrs Alice Daniel with a 40-day old baby who has decided to trek to Abuja from Minna. And then, the twitter #trek4GEJ guy РOladele Nihi Рwho decided to trek from Abuja to Bayelsa. Currently, we have at least 7 (that i have read about) citizens trekking from one location to the other either in Honour of General Buhari or in honour of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan or as one of the lady trekker put it, she is trekking to honour both of them.
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