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Book Review: PHPUnit Essentials

I recently was contacted by PACKT (a UK based publishing company specializing in focused IT books) to review a new book on Unit Testing in PHP. Here’s my review:

Book Title: PHPUnit Essentials
No of Pages: 314
Publisher: PACKT Publishing
Price: £14.49 (about 4,000NGN)

PHPUnit Essentials takes a simplistic and multi-optioned approach to the subject of unit testing in PHP. The examples are well defined and hit its point without too many unnecessary details.
Explaining legacy code testing in the book not only strengthens the testing skills of the developer starting on a new project, but also brings relief to developers who have to maintain existing codes that were developed without the concept of unit testing in mind.
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Unit Testing in PHP – The easy way

In one sentence, Unit testing is the process of testing small chunks of your code units as you write them. This is quite useful to be confident in your own unit of code before you integrate them into the whole system. With each part of your code being tested, you are sure each part can stand on their own and serve its purpose. To demonstrate unit testing in PHP, we would be using the latest version of the unit testing framework PHPUnit which was developed by Sebastian Bergmann Continue Reading »